The Project Purley Archive


Project Purley is building both a physical archive which will be available at some Project Purley meetings.and also an electronic archive in an attempt both to preserve the information gathered over the years and to make it more available to members.

At this point in time the physical archive contains mostly donations of material from members and stored in our cupboard at The Barn. It is hoped that in the near future many more of the files and bundles of material can be sorted, catalogued and indexed. Also that all key documents are either transcribed or scanned and included in the electronic archive.

The electronic archive is divided up into a number of sections (see below) and material filed away is kept in a format which we hope will be both usable to the present generation and which will be readily copied for future generations as technology develops. Thus only material in .txt, .pdf, .jpg or .gif formats is included.

As each item is added a short description is included in an index which is searchable so that information may be retrieved.

Several members are contributing, either by scanning images and press cuttings, writing articles or transcribing old documents.

We are always happy to accept electronic documents which would fit into one other of the categories below. E-mail then as attachments to

The Electronic Archive can be made available to members on a 32Gb memory stick. This includes the index which requires Microsoft Access to manipulate. The memory stick also contains a pdf listing of all electronic items which can be searched using Adobe software. Individual items can be e-mailed to members or genuine researchers from other societies.

The sections of the archive are:-

J – PDF copies of documents and programmes for local events

M – Images (photographs, maps  and drawings)

N – Physical items (documents, magazines, maps, display boards etc)

P- Cuttings from newspapers and magazines

Q – Physical items which cannot be filed in A3, A4 or A5 binders

R- Articles published in various journals or publications which are primarily about Purley.

T – copies or transcripts of old documents about Purley

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