In earliest days the main way of getting about was by walking, unless you were well off and could afford a horse. Heavy goods were transported by cart or boat and it was a slow tedious business. Light Goods could be carried on pack animals and pedlars used to travel circular routes starting at a port to pick up imported goods and then stop off at towns and villages to sell the imported goods and buy locally produced goods, eventually returning to port to sell goods for export and start all over again.

From the later middle ages coaching services were started to move mail and people around but it was when the canals began to appear in the eighteenth century that heavy goods could be transported more easily. It was the railways however which revolutionised transport by moving people and goods in bulk at speeds never dreamt of before.

The late nineteenth century saw the advent of bicycles and  petrol driven car and lorries  so that by today we have a very rich transport infrastructure with buses and aircraft added to the mix.

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