Share your memories.


We are always on the look out for people who have memories or memorabilia of Purley in days gone by. Sometimes it happens when relatives are sorting out old family albums when someone had died, sometimes when a book is sent as a present to a former parishioner and they ring in to correct a fact or add a piece of information. Such contacts are invaluable to us and we are very anxious to tap into your memories.

The best way is to write them down and mail them to our Journal Editor, we cannot guarantee to publish everything we receive in the Journal but everything will be looked at with great interest.

Often a phone call to a member of the committee will trigger a member to pay a visit to conduct an interview – it is surprising what you can remembered when given a little prompt!!

Doing local history is a bit like doing a million piece jigsaw when you have only 100 pieces. At first it is just isolated bits of information but reminiscences will often supply the vital clue which links these pieces together and point you to new areas for research. You may think your information trivial or common knowledge but the chances are it is not and we want to capture it.