History of Purley on Thames

You can look at history in so many different ways and on this website we attempt to guide you via several different approaches.

  • Chronicles of Purley- This gives you a year by year brief record of key events in Purley
  • Purley through the Ages – This provides the story of what happened in Purley during the major periods of English history.
  • People and Families How individuals and families influenced not only Purley, but often National affairs as well.
  • Buildings and Estates – tracing the history of buildings –  who lived in them and what they were used for.
  • The Church – All about the Church of St Mary The Virgin
  • Transport – How people got around in the past, train and bus services
  • Education – How and where our children were taught
  • Social History – covering a wide variety of topics, Poor Law, Crime, Recreation, Sports, Pastimes, Achievements
  • The Work Place – our farms and farmers, local craftsmen, industry, shops
  • Archaeology – what we have found out from archaeological excavations in the area.
  • Heraldry – coats of arms around the village and what they tell us.
  • Governance – How Purley has been governed from a national to a personal level.
  • Services – How different organisations have provided services in the area.
  • Social Life – how people have made the most of facilities and opportunities to enjoy themselves or serve others.

These links will guide you to a part of our archive which holds articles contributed by members of Project Purley.