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The Storer Family

The Storers were a family with naval connections engaged in the British conquest of Jamaica and settling there. A judicious marriage was arranged which brought the Storers favourable conditions to amass considerable plantation property and wealth. It was this wealth which financed the purchase of Purley Magna. The manor house of Purley Magna and its out buildings at that time were near the nver. A new fannhouse called Belle Isle, after the name of the Jamaican Sugar Plantation, was built further up the hill and the large barn from the original site was transferred to the new farm.. It was later decided to build a new mansion which we now know as Purley Park. The old manor house and its buildings were demolished. Jean has researched her material from a mimber of sources including Eton College Library, family papers made available by Mr Peter Downing Fullerton and the Repton Red Book. [RD]

From a talk given to Project Purley 20th September 1996 by Jean Debney

The Storers that are of most concern to Purley are:-

Anthony Morris Storer - see his meeting with Repton

Anthony Gilbert Storer - see his letter book

Anthony Morris Storer (1813-1902) see his biography

Leila Downing-Fullerton

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