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The Carew Family

Nicholas Carew was named in 1377 as one of the executors of Edward III who had died senile and almost a pauper. He had obtained a grant of Free Warren in his desmesne lands in Purley in 1375. Nicholas Carew died in 1390 and the Lordship of the manor of Purley Magna passed to his son, also Nicholas. Following the death of Nicholas Carew, Richard II took away some of the rights from the Lords of Purley. He granted to Robert Cholmeley of the Farm, the form of the profits of the view of Frankpledge from Purley, Burghfield, Sulham and Tidmarsh

In 1398 Nicholas Carew (II) was exonerated of 46 shillings and 9 pence per annum of the custody of the King's Sects of Purley his first wife Isabel de la Mare had died. Also in 1398 land in Great Purley was granted to Nicholas and Mercy Carew by Thomas Warner, William Horneby, John Bremmesgrave. Clerk and John Cook of Winchester and also by Thomas Payne. Around the same time Nicholas acquired the manor of Purley La Hyde.

Nicholas Carew (II) (The Elder) died in 1432 and the lordship of the manors passed to his son Nicholas (III), with contingent remainder to the heirs of Thomas Carew, his son by his second wife Mercy. In 1424 he estate of Fulscot was held by Nicholas Carew by service of one sparrowhawk or payment of two shillings. An action for Assurance was taken of the remainder of the estate of Nicholas Carew (the elder) in 1450 by Richard Forde and William Saunder in the right of their wives Mercy and Joan, the daughters and co-heirs of Thomas Carew who was the son of Nicholas by his second wife Mercy

In 1454 Nicholas Carew (III) settled the estate of Purley Magna on himself with reversion to his son Nicholas (IV) and his wife Margaret, the daughter of Edward Langford. Mercy the widow of Nicholas Carew (II) who was still living, was a party to this settlement with her new husband, Arthur Ormsby. Nicholas Carew (III) of Bedyngton, Surrey died 14th November 1456. In his will, proved at Lambeth 10/5/1458, he left the manor of Much Pourlee to his wife Margaret, with remainder to his son Nicholas (IV) and his heirs. Mercy Ormsby brought a suit against Nicholas Carew (IV) in 1461 on the grounds that he had not given her enough dower. Nicholas Carew (IV) died in 1466 and the lordship of the manor of Purley Magna passed to his son Nicholas (V), who was then four years old, and his wife Margaret.

Sir John Iwardby, the elder died on the 16th August 1470. A memorial plaque was erected to his memory in Mapledurham church. His daughter in law, Sanchia later inherited the manor of Purley Magna from her brother, Nicholas Carew. Nicholas Carew (V) came of age in September 1484 and died childless in 1485 His heirs were his three sisters, Sanchia (wife of Sir John Iwardby) who inherited Purley Magna; Elizabeth (wife of Walter Twynhoo) who inherited La Hyde and Anne Tropnell

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